The many faces of the Rhine

rps20150722_142014_997For the past three weeks and nearly 900 km I have been following the Rhine and the river has shown me some of its many faces.  All the branches at its delta in the Netherlands,  where between polders and dykes it was hard for me to recognise it as a river and the very industrial section that followed. The section between Bon and Mainz was a box of surprises with its steep wooded banks and castles and pointed church spires in every turn and with it’s legends of fair maidens being betrayed and seeking revenge and greedy Bishops being punished.

Germany is a cyclist’s dream.  Wonderful cycle paths take you away from the traffic,  following the many turns of the Rhine,  crossing through fields of yellow wheat moving in the wind like waves ,  entering cool woodlands where the sunlight filtering through the leaves is magical,  meandering through quiet streets where people go about their lives. And I’m soaking it all in. 

rps20150722_143246_747Mainz had a real treat in store,  a church full of Chagall’s windows where I was for nearly an hour just sitting and looking at them. 

I am slowly relaxing into the rithm of the road.  I have even managed a couple of siestas, on very hot days.  It is great to be able to do exactly as you please like the Sunday when I was attracted by the sound of church bells in a beautiful village called Eltville.  I followed the sound and ambling through the village found myself in a beautiful walled garden in full bloom.  That evening I had a delicious glass of Riesling,  perfect end for the day

StrasbourgI’m now in Strasbourg .  My first big milestone reached,  I am ready to leave the Rhine and through the Black Forest seek the source of the Danube that will take me towards the Black Sea and another continent.

9 thoughts on “The many faces of the Rhine”

  1. Hola!
    Que bien te veo, que envidia me das, que cara de satisfacción tienes. Me alegro mucho, sigue así hasta el final, con muy buenos recuerdos. Lo que escribes todo es positivo, muy bien, sigue así.
    Marvellous, wonderfull.

    Un beso muy fuerte con cariño.
    M. Karmele

  2. Bravo, Blanca!!!!
    ¿Qué te digo que pueda estar mínimamente a la altura de las circunstancias?….
    Que eeresssss increíble, ….que estás llena de pura energía vital y que leerte a la par sorprende y produce admiración…y un gusanillo que se nos mueve por dentro y nos dice que la vida hay que vivirla sin excusas cada día.
    Enhorabuena por tus ya casi 1000 km de camino y por tu primer punto gordo conseguido (Estrasburgo), y sobre todo por todos los instantes de plena libertad que te han llevado allí.
    Un abrazo fuerte, cuídate y disfruta tu aventura con toda tu alegría de vivir.


  3. Already in Strasburg and going strong. Your bike is your world – the two of you are going to have so many highs – and all the lows will become great events in retrospect! I’m thoroughly enjoying being an armchair adventurer eagerly awaiting your next update.
    Much love

  4. Sounds so beautiful and exiting. I did a boat trip down the Rhine starting at Cologne, many years ago, and know exactly what you mean about the magical forests, hidden castles, you could really see where the legends and fairy tales came from. Am jealous and full of admiration – enjoy and keep us posted.
    Lots of love – x

  5. woody banks, waving corn, castles, pointy churches and Chagal windows all sound wonderful. Hope your next stage is as good. I’m back immersed in Keeping Our NHS Public and the only waving in sight is steering group members trying to get the chair’s attention. Many congratulations and much love to you

  6. Me encanta como lo cuentas!
    Disfruta de todo como una loca! , tiene pinta de que lo estás haciendo, y cuéntanoslo tan bien (que no también) como lo haces.

    Los dos seguimos tu periplo, como no podría ser de otra manera, con admiración y orgullo.

    Aupa campeona! A realizar tu sueño!


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