Sudan (April 2018)

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Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Sudan Eshket border Wadi Halfa 36 undulating road meandering through the desert – good tarmac – metal studs for speed calming – road on a sort of dyke so no sand on the road
Wadi Halfa Café in El Beer 88 undulating road continues to meander through the desert – good tarmac – water at Km 850 under a tree and again at GPS 21.277822 coma 30.952755 (possibly in a couple of other places but that is where I filled up – very quiet road
Café in El Beer Abri 87 Road continues to be good – water in village at Km 778 possibly in other places but that is where I filled up – very quiet road
Abri Km 656 71 mostly good tarmac – undulating road – no problem with water but a couple of desert stretches – busier road especially in the morning – cafes between Km 598 and 597 – cafe at GPS 19.892456 coma 30.497553
Km 656 Palm grove 98 Sandy track a few km before camping spot – no problems with water
Palm grove Dongola 69 rejoined the tarmac road a couple of km after camping spot – lots of villages – shops and water no problem
Dongola Karima 0 took the bus – there is nothing and there was a very strong cross wind
Karima Atbara 0 took the bus – there seemed to be enough places with water but as I didn't cycle it I would hate to mislead anyone so check it out yourselves
Atbara Meroe Pyramids 98 horrible road – poor tarmac and a lot of traffic – lorries and buses – I had to use my full concentration and constantly use my rear mirror. The buses in particular are pretty scary and depending on the wind direction they can knock you off balance and I had to come off the road a few times to let them pass – small drinking places where you can get water (look out where there are lorries stopped) A cluster of restaurants at GPS 17.289875coma 33.812599 – there are others but this was a particularly big cluster
Meroe Pyramids Khartoum – Shandi Road 79 Road still busy – keep your eyes peeled on the rear view mirror for buses and get ready to come off the road – same applies for oncoming buses – enough cafés to refill water – tarmac not too bad
Khartoum -Shandi Road Khartoum -Shandi Road 81 The road continues to be busy and care must be exercise – bumpy tarmac- fantastic cafe at GPS 16.319114 coma 32.81632 but no much before then
Kharthoum – Shandi Road Khartoum 76 less traffic – bumpy tarmac many more villages so no problems with water etc
Khartoum Al Tekeina 77 the surface of the tarmac is not brilliant but very manageable – road through villages so plenty of water – shops and restaurants – busy road – be particularly mindful of buses
Al Tekeina Al Hasahisa 62 pretty much as above – the greenest surroundings I've seen for a long time!
Al Hasaisa Wad Madani 50 Better tarmac than previous days – there is a whole section of two lane carriageway – villages and shops
Wad Madani Al Qadarif 88 OK tarmac – By bus from Al Fao
Al Qadarif Doka 82
Doka 12 Km from the border 65
12 Km from the border Border 12
Total days Cycling days distance
Total Sudan 28 17 1219