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London to Far East Asia 2015 to 2017 Africa 2018 Notes
MRS Dragonfly multi fuel stove  No change I chose it because you can lower the heat to simmer. It is extremely noisy and at guesthouses I used to put the TV at top volume to mask the noise of the stove. Make sure you check and maintain the stove regularly. I didn't and nearly set a guesthouse on fire when I had a petrol leak!
MSR Dragonfly pump No change I had to change the pump twice The first time when the plastic casing broke during maintenance and the second when I had the fuel leak. Make sure you get a pump specifically for Dragonfly as the standard MSR one does not fit.
Cooking Windscreen No change A must
1 lt MSR Fuel bottle No change
Plastic funnel Will take one again I got rid of it in Turkey but I'm taking one to filter the petrol using coffee filters
MSR Trillium Stove Base No change I sent it home from Istanbul and won't be taking it this time
MSR Expedition Service Kit No change
MSR Alpine 2 pot set MSR Stoweaway 775 ml and non stick pan Great sturdy pots but I'm going a bit lighter this time
Pan Handle No change
MSR Heat Exchanger  It did make a difference in the speed the water got to boiling time but going lighter this time
Light my Fire Sweedish fire steel Will take it again Sent home from Istanbul but I'll give it another go
Disposable lighters No change Easy to get anywhere
Light my Fire titanium spork Titan spoon Leaving the spork and fork behind and taking only the spoon
Victorinox Kitchen knife No Change Fabulous knife very light and sharp
Chopsticks No taking them this time
Wooden spoon for cooking No change
Spanish tin opener No change A classic piece of kit. I've used one of these for half a century and they are still the best
MSR Titan mug No change I loved the mug
MSR chopping board No change Used it all the time. Mine is an older non folding version
Sea to Summit ultra sil kitchen sink No change I used it all the time to wash my clothes
Stuff to do the washing up No change
Tea Towel No change
A couple of plastic containers no change
A handful of klippits No change Invaluable!

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