Kenya (June 2018)

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Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Moyale Walda 96 excellent TARMAC – mostly flat
WALDA Bubisa 102 from Turbi very windy –  excellent tarmac gentle undulations
Bubisa Marsabit 20 EXTREMELY  WINDY –  ended up hitching a lift. Big climb before Marsabit
Marsabit Laisamis 95 down hill to Loglogo then quite flat until 18 km from Lasaris when there is a gentle few km climb followed by undulations. From loglogo shepherds came on the road  demanding water quite aggressively and run after me – hardly any traffic
Laisamis Sereoloipi 65 Excellent ROAD – undulating. Very aggressive shepherds be prepared – hardly any traffic
Sereoloipi Archer's Post 64 excellent tarmac -gentle climbing to start with then after a descent undulating. Sheperds not as agresive. I had strong head wind – hardly any traffic
Archer's Post Isiolo 36 great tarmac. strong head wind
Isiolo Subuiga 27 quite a lot of climbing –  luckily the wind stopped!
Subuiga Nanyuki 50 first 10km steep climbing – then down all the way to Nanyuki with a couple of small climbs. good tarmac. Busier road
Nanyuki Karatina 64 very busy road with fast trafic but hard shoulder ok – constant undulations to the road junction then pretty much up hill. Many villages with food and drinks
Karatina Thika 80 fantastic downhill until Saga then flattish and down until the river crossing after that is uphill  and undulating terrain. Heavy fast traffic and narrow road and the hard shoulder has lethal speed bumps!!!! Keep you eyes peeled on your rear view mirror and get ready to get of the road – also check for oncoming traffic overtaking they won't make any allowances for you!!! Shops – restaurants and accommodation all along the road
Thika Nairobi 55 The two lane motorway becomes a three lane but the hard shoulder is ok and I felt safer than in the smaller roads in spite of the heavy traffic. At one point there are signs for a cycle lane – I took it but it sometimes disapeared or was blocked and it took me to the heart of Nairobi which I could have avoided by staying on the main road. The road has constant ups and downs
Nairobi Mai Mahiu 54 Good road to junction between Southern bypass and A104 and good hard shoulder although it had a fair amount of glass. The A104 has very poor tarmac and a pretty awful 'hard shoulder'. Very heavy traffic on this road with heavy container lorries so it needs full attention. They are doing work on this road so hopefully it'll get better. The road climbs steady until it meets the B3 when it descends all the way to Mai Mahiu but the road is bad and narrow and the heavy lorry traffic continues. I was forced of the road several times. The views of the rift Valley are stunning
Mai Mahiu Nr Naivasha 33 Big improvement on the road surface and the hard shoulder. Gentle steady climb until the junction betweeng the C88 and the D394 then down hill all the way to Naivasha. Still need to be very mindful of big lorries
Naivasha Lake Nakuru 82 Good road once you get to the junction with the main road (The road round the lake is pachy with sections full of pot holes and others not too bad). Good hard shoulder on the main road be prepared to get off the road frequently. The road goes gently up and down all the way to Nakuru.
Nakuru Maji Moto 74 From Nakuru to Mogotio tarmaced road a bit up to start wth but soon you can begin crussing pretty much all the way to Mogotio. From there until Maji Moto is dirt road pretty rough in places luckily mostly going down.
Maji Moto Lake Bogoria Park 18 Wonderful to see the flamingoes. The track in the park was pretty rough. I did loads of pushing
Maji Moto Loboi 18 More rough road with lots of up and down. Tons of pushing
Loboi Koriema 33 Good tarmaced road – mostly flat to start with with a couple of steep climbs. As I left Loboi there was a river crossing but it was quite shallow. Then from the junction before Marigat the climb begins – fairly ok gradients with a few steep ramps.
Koriema Kabernet 26 Good tarmac. Climbing and more climbing. fabulous views
Kabernet Kerio Valley 21 Fabulous down hill – good tarmac
Kerio Valley Iten 14 gentle climb to start with following the bottom of the valley. Then the gradients get really steep and after 14 km I stopped a matatu to take me to Lelil Campsite!
Iten Eldoret 40 Climbing until Iten then pretty much down hill all the way to Eldoret
Eldoret Kipkarren 78 Pretty much down hill all the way to Kipkarren. Heavy lorry traffic. be ready to go in the hard shoulder which is not too bad
Kipkarren Bungoma 52 A day of ups and downs. Good road surface and good hard shoulder. Heavy lorry traffic continued
Bungoma Ugandan Border 38 The ups and downs continued on good tarmac and good hardshoulder           
Total days Cycling days distance
Total Kenya 42 29 1380