When putting together the list of things I wanted to take, I read other people’s  blogs to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Then I thought about what were my priorities: Keeping warm and dry and eating good food were right there at the top of my list. My gear reflects these priorities.

Also, keeping costs to a minimum was important and  eBay proved to be a good source for the most expensive items, as well as making best use of sales and special deals.

Only time will tell how wise I have been with my choices. As I go along I will be making annotations about what works well and what is nothing but extra weight.

Have a look at the different sections if you want to know what I took with me.

One thought on “Gear”

  1. Dear Blanca, I hope you liked to travel through Romania even though weather was sometimes the antagonist. We don’t have special landscapes but we are hospitable and invite you to us.
    Aurora from Tulcea-Roumania

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