My house and bedroom

Two mattresses are a must!!

I plan on doing quite a lot of wild camping and a light tent was a must but as I love food and cooking I decided to make myself a tarp because I just worry about not being able to cook when it is raining.

I feel the cold a lot so I am arranging for some of the winter stuff to be delivered when I need it, rather than carrying it with me from day 1. I intend to send back the winter stuff once I don’t need it any longer, although I have been known to use my Sea to Summit sleeping bag as a liner to the Rab!!!

The pee bottle is something I discovered in a trip to Nepal. There is nothing worse than having to leave the tent in the middle of the night, particularly if it is raining and cold. A piece of kit that I couldn’t do without!!

2 thoughts on “My house and bedroom”

  1. If you ever want to reduce your sleeping mat weight/space on the bike, consider the Exped down-filled inflatable mat (Downmat lite). It is wonderful. It has a small amount of down inside for insulation, even when not inflated. It’s supplied with a little pump, takes very little time to inflate, and you can adjust the amount of course. It gives a lovely comfy night’s sleep – we thought Thermarests were the bees’ knees until we tried these.

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