My house and bedroom

Two mattresses are a must!!


London to Far East Asia 2015 to 2017 Africa 2018 Notes
Vaude Hogan SUL 3 season tent with footprint MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person with footprint The Vaude did a brilliant service but decided to give myself more space. Bigger porch to store the gear and side openings
Teespass pegisu plastic mallet sent home after 2 weeks
Home made tarp sent home after 2weeks
Sea to Summit Micro MCII No change I just love this sleeping bag.   I have been using it for years and is as good as new. I do look after it and have it professionally cleaned every few years. In the UK I have been using Mountaineering Designs for years and they do a fabulous job.When it is very cold I use this bag as a liner to my Rab sleeping bag and I have never ever been cold. The lowest temperature I camped at was -17C.
Rab Ascent 700 Women's Sleeping bag I will ask for it if I need it A friend brought it to me to Bulgaria and I used it solidly through the winter. A great and comfortable bag.
Sea to Summit Silk liner No changes I have one with stretch panels which makes it very comfortable. The liner ripped after a while. On my return to the UK I contacted the distributor and they were really helpful replacing it for a new one
Expeed ultralight medium pillow No changes Comfortable but nothing special
Cotton pillowcase No changes This one is from Air China and it feels perfectly in the pillow
Thermarest Z lite sol I used it each time I camped but staying at  home as I'm trying to go lighter
Thermarest Neo Air No changes Someone I shared a room with said it sounded like a crips packet each time I move but I don't hear anything. It is really comfortable and insulates you well from the ground
Neo Air mini pump No changes A great present from my daughter. Before she gave it to me it took 38 blows to pump it. Now I just watch it grow and give it a couple of blows at the end to finish off!
Lifesystems solonet midge and mosquito net No changes I used it in hostels and temples and will continue using it – it is extra weight but dengue and malaria are not fun! It can be a bit fiddly to set up. I used my panniers to prop it up.
Pee bottle No change For me there is nothing worse than having to get out of the tent in the night and a pee bottle is just the thing!

  • Petzl head lamp


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  1. If you ever want to reduce your sleeping mat weight/space on the bike, consider the Exped down-filled inflatable mat (Downmat lite). It is wonderful. It has a small amount of down inside for insulation, even when not inflated. It’s supplied with a little pump, takes very little time to inflate, and you can adjust the amount of course. It gives a lovely comfy night’s sleep – we thought Thermarests were the bees’ knees until we tried these.

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