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9 thoughts on “Romania”

  1. Wow Blanca – I am really enjoying your blog and photos – I cannot believe how far you have got.
    We have such lovely neighbours in your house!!!!
    It is lovely to have them there.

  2. Fabulous images of Romania. I’ve been to Peles castle, which was lovely. Am interested to hear about your off road adventures! Debbie x

  3. Blanca – I am so jealous! You are having such an adventure.!! Are you carrying on into Asia Minor over winter or will you be at home in London for Christmas? Everyone here keeps saying “I wonder how Blanca is getting on”.

  4. Hi Blanca, Wonderful photographs of the people you meet which made me wonder what initial reaction do you get from locals when they first meet the mad spanish lady cycling round the world? Hope all is well and that you are looking after yourself especially as it will be getting colder now that winter is here. Take care x

  5. Fabulous photos, Blanca!
    Romanian locals are some of the friendliest in Europe and that can be seen almost everywhere. Even if they are poor, they will always try to give you something from their heart – either food or a place to stay overnight. I was in Apuseni mountains a few years ago with a friend and we arrived in Albac, a small village near Rosia Montana. We didn’t find any guesthouse and we tried our luck by asking some locals if they could accommodate the two of us. They quickly said yes, they arranged a room for us and even though we didn’t ask, they even prepared a delicious dinner seasoned with some home made wine. They even prepared us a breakfast at 6am (we had to leave early because we had 150 km to go the next day). We only paid around 40 lei (accommodation, dinner and breakfast for two). And this only because we insisted on paying. Otherwise, it would have been free.
    Romania is wonderful and if you’re looking for bike tours in Transylvania, I would recommend the area around Brasov. Just set your base in Brasov and begin exploring the mountains, nature and the picturesque villages.
    Here are a few suggestions

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