Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Village before Manzhuang Nateby 50
Nateby Oudomxay 79
Oudomxay Village East of Lak ha sip 57
Village East of Lak ha sip Ban Fay 84
Ban Fay Luang Prabang 53
Luang Prabang Kacham Waterfall 43
Kacham Waterfall South of Nameuang 30
South of Nameuang Van Vieng 20 got a lift part of the way – very steep gradients
Van Vieng Pak Vang 50
Pak Vang Boua 64
Boua Vientiane 40
Vientiane Nalong 42
Nalong Hai Ban 43
Hai Ban Xaysavanag 69
Ban Xaysavanag Pakkading 57
Pakkading Houayhai 50
Houayhay Kong Lor 80
Kong Lor Ban Phon Phon 48
Ban Phon Phon South of Thakek 62
South of Thakek On the Mekong 50
On the Mekong On the Mekong 46
On the Mekong Savannakhet 44
Savannakhet Pakxong 73
Pakxong Lak 90 78
Lak 90 Ban Kham Peng 59
Ban Kham Peng Pakse 32
Pakse Thang Baeng 49
Thang Baeng Before Naka Sang 83
Before Naka Sang Don Det 13
Don Det Champasak 3 bus to the ferry crossing
Champasak Champasak 18
Champasak 13k to the Thai border 54
Thai Border 13
cycling days distance
Total Laos 33 1636