With all the modern electronics life on the road can be made easier and at the same time we can make it much more complicated with all the gadgetry we carry around. I hope my choice has  been wise!


  • Canon G15
  • Spare battery and charger
  • Adaptors for the filters below
    • Hoya polarising filter
    • Hoya UV filter
    • Cokin Neutral Density filters (graduated and non graduated)
    • Cokin Spot filter
    • Cokin Sunset filter


  • iPhone – the one with my ordinary number
  • Second iPhone to use with local sim cards
  • in Reach SE two way GPS – to keep in touch and at the same time show my location to all those that care about me.


  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – for everything – watch films, listen to music, download maps, update this blog, read books, check my email, keep notes, update the different logs I’m taking with me (I love spreadsheets!!!!!)

One thought on “Electronics”

  1. Wow!!!! Follow ur passion and bike the world!!! How very inspiring!!! Can’t wait
    To follow ur posts

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