Namibia Route

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Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Caprivi strip
Namibia border Karima Mulilo 69 Felt like the gentlest of climbs all the way from the border. Ok tarmac.
Karima Mulilo Kongola 110 Flat and gentle climb. Ok tarmac
Kongola Omega 133 Flat with some very gentle ondulations. Beautiful ride through the national park. Nothing but park but a couple of villages have water pumps. I filled at – 17.8473 coma 22.985264
Omega Bagani 80 The same road continues
Bagani Mohembo border control 0 I got a lift through the game park. Not sure whether it's possible to cycle through the park. The road surface through the park is gravel and corrugated.
From the South African Border
Viooldrift Aussenkehr 58 Good road. Fairly flat and very quiet. Nothing between the two locations
Aussenkehr Ai Ais 77 You soon join a gravel road on good condition when I was there. Not a lot of traffic so if you need to top up with water ask sooner rather than later. A fair amount of climbing.  The last 10km o the campsite are all downhill.
Ai Ais Hobas 68 Gravel road with some sandy patches when I was there. The climbing continues but the gradients are gentle. The road becomes more corrugated as you get closer to Hobas
Hobas Canon Yard Farm 62 More gravel road of varying quality and corrugations. More traffic so easier to get water.
Canyon Farm Yard Seeheim 67 Great Gravel Road but stay on the C12. Then tar once you join the B4
Seeheim Alte Kalkoefen Lodge 54 New tar road – no shoulder – gentle climbing
Alte Kalkoefen Lodge Bethanie 47 Tar all the way. Fairly flat
Bethanie Nr Helmeringhausen 71 The tar road stops  couple of Km outside of Bethania. The gravel road was good. Strong head wind.
Nr Helmeringhausen Barby Farm 42 Good gravel to Helmeringhausen – very sandy until the junction with the C27 then good gravel getting worse at times. Climbing all day gently and first getting more steep towards the end. Strong head and cross wind
Barby Farm Beta 72 wonderful mountain scenery. 20km down on good gravel road. 20km up un good gravel road. 24 km before Beta Road in bad condition for 14 km – sand and corrugations. Then it improves. I had strong head  and cross wind until 10 km before Beta
Beta Sesriem 30 Terrible road with soft sand and gravel. I got offered a lift which I gratefully accepted. The road continues to be really bad until Sesriem. The landscape is amazing
Sesriem Nr Agama River Camp 25 Terrible road-deep corrugations and sad and grave mix. After 25 Km I was physically unable to continue and a family offered me a lift which I accepted
Nr Agama River Camp Solitaire 30 The road continues to be really bad but improved in the last few km.
Solitaire Gaub Pass 54 Better than previous days
Gaub Pass Aruvlei 51 Bad corrugations. Constant undulations
Aruvlei 69 km from Walvisbaai 62 Sandy and corrugations -mainly down – gets better around 80km from Walvisbaai when it becomes a salt road
69 km from Walvisbaai Walvisbaai 69 The road gets better and better
Walvisbaai Swakopmund 36 Tar road but very narrow and the cars/lorries don't give you much room. Be careful
Swakopmund Hentiesbaai 73 Good flat tarred road all the way
Hentiesbaai 56 km from Uis 69 Good gravel road to begin with. Towards the end quite corrugated. Climbing all the time but so gentle you hardly notice it
56 km from Uis Uis 56 Corrugations and head wind but you may be lucky if the graters have just been
Uis Ugab 48 Bad corrugations.
Ugab Madisa Camp 43 Bad corrugations except in a section where the graters had been
Madisa Camp Aabadi Mountain Camp 37 I was luck the graters had done a section of the road otherwise corrugations
Aabadi Mountain Camp Camp Xaragu 45 No graters today which meant corrugations
Camp Xaragu Bergsig 46 A much better gravel road. A fair amount of climbing
Bergsig Palmwag 45 Still a decent gravel road. Climbing to Spaarwater then down to Palmwag
Palmwag Khowarib 10 Extremely strong wind so got a lift after 10 km
Khowarib Opuwo 0 Got a lift but LOTS of climbing and hardly any traffic with not many dwellings
Opuwo Omakange 58 TARRED ROAD!!
Omakange Okahao 96 Good road. Flat and not a lot of traffic. Wind. Starts around 9.30 in my case head and cross wind
Okahao Ongwediwa 78 Good road. Flat. More traffic than in previous days. Wind. Starts around my case head and cross wind
Ongwediwa Oshakati 62 Only a bit of Gravel on the D3671. Otherwise great tarred road
Total days Cycling days Distance
Total Namibia 60 36 2133