Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Ulugqat Kashgar 110
Kashgar Urumqi 0 by bus
Urumqi Xining 0 by train
Xining Between Bayan and Jintao 79
Between Bayan and Jintao Lake Qinghai 67
Lake Qinghai Daotanghe 60
Daotanghe Somewhere in the Tibetan plateau 67
Somewhere in the Tibetan plateau Xiongxian 55
Xiongxian Jainca 71
January Rebkong 59
Rebuking Guashizexiang 46
Guashizexiang Xiahe 59
Xiahe Hezuo 66
Hezuo Luqu 80
Luqu Langmusi 87
Langmusi Ro er gai 83
Ro er gai Somewhere in the Tibetan plateau 82
Somewhere in the Tibetan plateau Song Pan 80
Song Pan Jiuzhaigou 0 by bus
Jiuzhaigou Song Pan 0 by bus
Song Pan Shidaguan 102
Shidaguan Weizhou 77
Weizhou Duyiangyan 74
Duyiangyan Chengdu 60
Chengdu Guilin 0 by train
Guilin Hong Kong 0 by train and ferry
Hong Kong Chengdu 0 by plane
Chengdu Kangding 0 by bus
Kangding Litang 0 by bus
Litang Plateau 56 small pass – 4117mt
Plateau Plateau 30 high pass – 4696 mt then descended to 4382 mt and climbed again to 4615mt
Plateau south of Shagong 84 pass over 4700 mt
South of Shagong Xiancheng 30
Xiancheng Shangri-la 0 by bus
Shangri-la Camping 50
Camping Baishutau 50
Baishutai Walnut Garden 68
Walnut Garden Somewhere on the road to Lijiang 57
Somewhere on the road to Liniang Litang 47
Litang Somewhere south of Songgui 76
Somewhere south of Songgui Dali 85
Dali Jinghong 0 by bus
Jinghong a village nr Menglun 69
a village nr Menglun Mengyuan 55
Mengyuan Village before Manzhuang 65
cycling days distance
Total China 34 2286

Cycling in China – facts and figures

Between the 11 July 2016 and the 17 of October 2016 (99 days) I cycled 2,354 Km (1,463 miles) in China, taking a break and going to Hong Kong to get a new Chinese visa. I cycled and average of 65.4 Km per day. The longest distance I cycled on a single day was 110 Km and the shortest 18 Km.

During that time I spent 2,069 euros. The average daily cost in China was 20.89 euros.

Eating out includes not only meals but any ready made refreshments like cakes and soft drinks and of course all those nice cold beers at the end of the day whilst groceries are mainly buying ingredients to cook my own meals. Included in accommodation costs are any gifts I took to say thank you to those that open their doors to me.

Communication covers the cost of SIM cards and postage to letters home. My tablet died and I had to replace it and that is included in the communication costs as are a new battery for my phone and a power bank.

The Transport costs in this page are very high. I too a high speed train between Urumqi and Xining and trains to Hong Kong to get a new visa. Not included are flights from Hong Kong to Chengdu.

Below is how I spent my nights in China and Hong Kong