Have a look at the places I’m seeing and meet the people I’m finding along the way!

Once on the road they are organised by country to make it easier to navigate.

As per other sections of the site, if there is something that I could do to improve the content just post a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

20 thoughts on “Photos”

  1. Qué envidia !!!!! Pásatelo genial y cuídate mucho !!!!!


    Estoy seguro que Ane también te seguirá allí donde este…..

  2. hello blanca,
    with pleasure and a little bit melancholy I remember our friendly meeting on the top of Freiersberg in the Black Forest. Hope you found your apple pie to get the strength for the last distance to Triberg. I am so sorry for the bad weather now. I hope that storm and rainy clouds will drift away to the north, so you can enjoy the beautiful valley of the young danube from Tuttlingen to Riedlingen or Ulm. Only a short distance away from Beuron and Neidingen to Sigmaringen there are situated at the left side one of the most famous sport climbing spots in the valley : the spectacular rock Schaufelsen (height about 120m) . Maybe you have seen it in spite of all the rain. I think you will arrive at Riedlingen today. Hope that you always will find a good and friendly place for night. On my way back from the Freiersberg I always thought about your dream, that now took place. I wish you will succed and that you will meet always good people. Go on, go on, realize this great dream !
    with very kind regards from Helfried

  3. Hola Blanca
    Hope all your travels are going to plan. I’m enjoying reading your blog so far.Take care .love Heather

  4. Dear Blanca,

    I am in awe of you and your enterprising spirit. I love seeing your beaming face on those pictures. Your last few months with Macmillan must now feel so much like a thing of the past. I am so proud of you and of what you have achieved and are doing for yourself right now.

    You are an amazing woman!

    With love and anticipation of your next adventure


  5. Oddly – I can’t see any photographs (except in the blog posts) or anything in the gear section – except the intro. Should there be a link to click that I’m missing?

      1. I think my Mac must be missing something – as there are no pages underneath that I can see. Same with the gear page 🙁
        That’s interesting.

  6. DUH! It was an eyesight problem after all. I have just discovered the pages that open up in the top left – and the teensy weensy little white arrow. Sorry! Got there in the end!

  7. Kaixo Txuri!

    Sigue así de alegre, me contagias y al leer tus comentarios parece que yo también estoy viajando junto a ti.
    Mucha suerte, mis mejores deseos y que haga buen tiempo que el día es más llevadero.

    Un abrazo con besos.
    M. Karmele

  8. Hola Txuri
    Ya veo que todo va bien y espero que asi siga. LLena tu diario de bonitas experiencias para el libro que escribas.
    ¿te vere en Kathmandu ? ¿cuando tienes previsto llegar a Nepal? aunque sera dificil calcularlo, pero seria bonito encontrarte por alli y aprovechar para hacer un trek.
    Un fuerte abrazo de un envidioso

  9. Kaixo Txuri!
    ¿Que tal van esas costillas?. Espero que ya estarás recuperada (son mis deseos). Aunque esos golpes tontos se fastidia una rápidamente y el recuperarse cuesta.
    Mirándolo positivamente el tiempo te ayuda, digo por el frío, pero que dure poquito que con buen tiempo se pedalea mejor.
    Besos de Zarautz, mua mua.
    Laster arte.

  10. Hi Blanca,
    I treasure our day together with Jef in Persepolis, at least if it really happened because in my memories it was an almost surrealistic day.
    I hope your knees will feel better and I will keep an eye on you.
    Chris and Jef from Esfahan

  11. Hola Blanca,
    Te he visto en el vídeo de Óscar y Blanca. Admirable y valiente tu caso. Te deseo lo mejor y que disfrutes de la libertad que proporciona la bicicleta. Yo en junio hice un viaje en solitario y con tienda de campaña desde Donostia hasta Salamanca, desde la casa de mi padres hasta la ciudad donde resido. Da gusto y envidia sana veros por ahí, tenéis mucho valor. Muxu haundi bat!!!

  12. Hello Blanca
    What a chance to meet you on the road to uis as you were crossing the namib desert.we still cannot believe it and we hope you enjoy everyminutes. You are such a inspiration and we will remenber your joy of live and your big smile.
    All the best! We will not forget you . Congratulation!!
    Catherine and Jean Michel the frenchies

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