From the Rhine to the Danube

At the source of the Danube

After Strasbourg I went in search of the source of the Danube in the Black Forest, next to a small chappel called Martinskapelle. I was a bit nervous because it was going to be my first encounter with hills and I didn’t know how me and Foxtrot would manage.

I was a bit lighter though, as the second parcel had been sent home from Strasbourg with more things that I thought I would need. It felt liberating to let go of things that anchored to my ‘normal’ life.

For the first time that day I felt a bit apprehensive. I was leaving the security of the guide book and the well trodden path and finding my own way across the Black Forest.

Black Forest 33Before I got to the big hills, I stopped at a tiny campsite that couldn’t be more different from the one in Strasbourg. Instead of the customer-care-trained-receptionists in their ‘casual’ uniform, I was greeted by an older woman with painted nails and full make up, dressed in a fleece with prints of howling wolfs. I instantly knew which campsite I preferred.

The hll723The first climb WAS hard but both the bike and I survived it and I was elated when I got to the top. It was there,  where I met Helfried, another cyclist on a day out and we quickly got into quite profound conversation. I am slowly getting used to the deep conversations that happen in those brief encounters on the road.

The downhill was exhilarating but not as much as the cake I gave myself as a reward for the climb.

Ulm Cathedral

I spent that night in a youth hostel all on my own. A huge rambling building full of noises. I was seriously creeped out and was grateful for the nature documentaries in my tablet that took my mind of Hitchcock  type murders.

The Danube is very beautiful, forest of deciduous trees, tall cathedral spires, nature reserves, big rocky outcrops, campsites in working farms… Life continues to be good.

17 thoughts on “From the Rhine to the Danube”

    1. Sounds fabulous! I also was a sole occupant in the Ulm hostel back in the late eighties. I hope you are enjoying better weather than I endured in a very cold February. How are you getting along with the click stand? Enjoy the Danube and the beautiful city of Wien. I hope the road angels look after you and that the wind is a friendly one, x.

      1. Thank you, thank you. Loving the Danube, there is something very special about seeing it change from its source. The weather is pretty wonderful and I’m making the best of it before the short days arrive!

  1. Lovely to get the blog posts Blanca, I am still so jealous.

    Can we have a kit update soon? – What has been useful, what not useful and what you have sent home!

    Steven x

  2. Muy descriptivo todo!

    Disfruta!, por lo que escribes vemos que lo estás haciendo.
    Gracias por dejarnos disfrutarlo contigo a través de tus relatos.

    No sé si te hemos dicho que eres una campeona?

    Campeona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Besos y abrazos

  3. Estupendo, km. a km has hecho ya un buen trecho. Dentro de nada en Viena y Budapest, con el Danubio como eje.

    Se te ve francamente bien y da gusto leerte.

    Cuídate mucho y besos

  4. Wow Blanca! It sounds like a gorgeous ride. How lovely to be doing all this with beautiful summer weather. Wish I was there with you, but you describe it so beautifully, I almost feel that I am! Can’t wait for the next up date. xx

  5. Just catching up on all your posts to date. It sounds amazing Blanca, and has brightened up a very cold wet summer afternoon in Glasgow
    Geri x

  6. Back from my own holiday and good to catch up on your whereabouts, what a good read!. I enjoyed the photo of Ulm cathedral, it’s where I spent a year as an au pair back in 1992 improving my terrible German and it’s the city where I met Lee too. I used to love going down to the Danube in the summer on my day off always so much to see. Looking forward to your next instalments xx

  7. Ah, the imagination can wreak havoc!
    I’ve heard about these spontaneous and profound conversations with complete strangers on long tours in other blogs – I guess it’s like the confessional – they know they will most likely never meet you again, so can say anything, just anything!

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