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I was born in the Basque Country in 1958, the daughter of migrant workers escaping the poverty prevalent in the rest of Spain in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. In 1980, I came to London to learn English and never left.

I have much to rejoice about life – I have two gorgeous daughters, Emma and Amaia, who are my pride and joy. I have some amazing friends who I know are there for me and with me. I have loved passionately and been loved back. I have had fulfilling jobs in causes I believed in.

Also, I have had the opportunity to experience the world a little – I lived in India for a while in the 80’s; I have climbed mountains in Nepal, Ecuador, Spain, France and Africa and taken part in some incredible demanding physical challenges; I have cycled the length of Spain, France and the Hebrides but all the time I was having a dream: to go on a very very long bike ride.

One day, in July 2014, the day to live the dream came and I left my house in London on my bike ready to explore this wonderful planet, experience different cultures, meet different people, climb some mountains on the way and more…

After nearly two years, 22,000km and 23 countries I returned to London for a few months but even as I was buying the ticket to bring me and my bike back from Bangkok I already knew that before not too long I would be on the road again.

Now Africa beckons. No time frames, no fixed plans of commitments. Just me, my bike and the open road.


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  1. Hola Blanca I met you in perry cycled today I’m flying out to Belgium to ride my bike tomorrow but good luck and I will be checking your progress and adventures

    London to London ….great
    regards Simon

  2. Dear, dear Blanca,

    Congratulations to a great lady!
    Can’t wait to follow your progress!

    With love and cheers!


  3. Aupa Blanca! te mandamos un fuerte abrazo y mucha fuerza para emprender ese impresionante viaje que nos tendrá enganchados día a día!!!

  4. The best of good luck in your adventures. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog. Lots of love.
    Adam and Gordon.

  5. Blanca, I feel so excited for you. What a wonderful adventure and what an inspiration you are for those of us sitting on the sidelines. I do look forward to seeing you in Australia – to be able to share our wonderful country with you.
    Take care, Babs x

  6. I hope to follow in your footsteps (wheel steps?) next Spring (or when my old dog shuffles off – which, at 15yrs of age, and according to the vet, is imminent. I have the bicycle, the tent etc. Will look forward to following your progress and taking notes! I also recommend ‘Rubyrideon’ – a blog by the 30yr old Ruby from London, who is ahead of us. She’s been on the road for 2yrs already and is in Mexico.
    I have to say – you have done so much more travelling and cycling than me, but I won’t let that hold me back. 🙂 Good luck!

    1. The way I look at it is that all I’m doing is cycling for one day, or a few days at the most. It just so happens that the chunks of time are all joined up!!

  7. Love at first sight for us, Blanca, when we saw you turn your head at the stream, beside Sorda Refugio in Andorra. You made the rest of our trek so much easier. But we had to say our goodbyes and leave you to complete the GR 11- the Spanish coast to coast route. We were so sad, but thrilled now to join you- in spirit – on your fantastic challenge to cross the world by bike. You are amazing.
    Tons of love, Eva and Alastair in Edinburgh.

  8. It was so nice to meet you in Thailand on Koh Kood island. Such a lovely chat and exchanging cycling experiences. Don’t forget to read about Polish traveller Kazimierz Nowak and his trip through Africa in the 1930’s.
    Kamila and Peter

  9. It was great to meet someone like you in Hurghada check point … really ambitious woman and always smiley.

    Good luck… and share your experiences. (Interesting).

    Our support to you from Egypt 🙂

  10. Blanca, you are amazing and a very inspiring woman! I started following your journey back in 2014. At the time, I was living in China. I’m now back home in the U.S. teaching, but have the want to do something like this someday—cycle around the world! Cheers to you and many blessings! I look forward to continue reading about your journey!

    Francine M.

  11. Hi Blanca,
    We met you on a road in Namibia near Fishriver Canyon – going strong! You are amazing! We gave you the cold bottle of water which you drank with a smile saying: This taste like gin.” We tried to find you again on the road, but just heard snippets like yes, Blanca was here. Best wishes for the rest of your journey.

    1. Because it WAS waaaaay better than gin!!!!! Thank you for that cold water, a wonderful gift in the middle of nowhere

  12. Hi Blanca.
    I stumbled across your blog today and read it with great interest and it brought a wry smile to my face. I cycled a simular North South (minus Sudan) African journey in 85/86. Namibia was a world of it own and quite the challenge indeed!! You certainly feel alive out there. I remembered a friendly man filling up all my water bottles in the Kalahari but unfortunately it was petrol tainted. That was a long 20 hours until the next car. Happy travels and stay upright. Regards Brendan.

  13. It was great meeting you tonight Blanca at the Oaktree restaurant in Busua, Ghana. You are a wonderful person and I’m very keen on following you through this blog (and reading back in time as you have already seen so much).
    You inspire me!

    Big kiss,
    Helene (and my other friend Renee), hospital interns from the Netherlands!

  14. hello blanca l don’t know if you remember me but we worked together at NHSDirect – steven W pointed me in your direction
    l am amazed by your adventure and wish you happiness and wonderful times .
    My life took a bad turn when my husband died but l am fighting my way back – writing now – which l always wanted to do.
    Here’s to the adventure

  15. I just happened to come across this … and wow.. thrilled. I love to read this and the short intro summary made me thing back on my life, I lived and worked in Iran, Papua New Guinea, Morocco, Ireland, England, Germany and with all the ups and downs .. yes, there were more ups. Nothing as exciting and courageous than yours BUT though older than you, you give me inspiration and motivation to plan actively for the years ahead and move beyond the dreams :-).

  16. Blanca acabo de añadirme a los tantos seguidores que tiene.
    Sueño desde hace mucho emprender un viaje sin fecha de vuelta, esperando a ver que me depara la aventura. Me falta poco para jubilarme y espero poder hacer realidad mi sueño. Eres un gran ejemplo.
    Espero encontrarme algún día contigo.

    1. Hola Salvador – Sigue soñando y a ver si nos vemos un dia explorando el maravilloso mundo en el que vivimos. Un abrazo

  17. Hola blanca. He sabido de ti por el programa SER AVENTUREROS, somos de la misma edad y comparto contigo la pasión de “estar ahí fuera”. Yo he compartido con uno de mis hijos casi todo mis viajes largos y la pandemia nos ha impedido hasta ahora poder compartir a los dos esos días de bici que tanto se disfrutan. Te deseo muchas, muchas, muchas pedaladas.

    1. Hola Juan

      Muchas gracias por el mensaje – que a gusto se comparten aventuras con los hijos, verdad? y que ganas de que se vuelva a abrir el mundo de nuevo para volver a darle al pedal!! En Mayo me voy a acercar a la peninsula con la bici a dar una vuelta – a lo mejor hasta nos encotramos por ahi.

      Un fuerte abrazo


  18. Hola Blanca, después de escucharte hoy en el CC Amaia, me gustaría expresarte mi admiración y agradecimiento por la lección de vida que nos has dado. Algún día espero seguir tus pasos y poder disfrutar de este maravilloso planeta y de la gente maravillosa que hay en el mundo. Y si es en bici, mejor.

    Mila esker Blanca,


    1. Egun on Txema

      Muchísimas gracias por tu comentario.

      No sabes la ilusión que me hizo estar entre todos vosotros en mi pueblo. Me alegra mucho que te gustara la charla y que sacaras algo de ella. Quien sabe, a lo mejor un día nos encontramos por el camino.

      Un fuerte abrazo


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