Toiletries & Medicines

I’m probably taking too much but here we go:


  • Travel towel
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Shampoo & hair oil
  • Face & body moisturiser
  • Small mirror
  • Nail clippers
  • Small comb
  • Bar of soap
  • Toilet paper & alcohol gel


The list below was composed with advice from the London Hospital for Tropical Diseases which is where I got most of my travel vaccines:

General Medical Kit
Although you can get medication pretty much everywhere something to be aware of is that there are quite a lot of counterfeit medications out there. I like to leave home with what I think I am going to need.

London to Far East Asia 2015 to 2017 Africa 2018 Notes
Painkillers (Ibuprofen and paracetamol) no change I had to buy both on the road and had no problem finding them
Strong analgesic not taking any I had to get rid of it before I entered Uzbekistan because painkillers with Codeine are illegal
Antiseptic spray not taking any taking Surgical Spirit instead which doubles up as hand sanitising solution
Betadine no change
Antibacterial ear and eye drops eye ointment with 1% chloramphenicol I never used the ear drops but I did use the eye drops
Antidiahorrial tablets no change didnt't have to use them
Antibiotics no change didn't have to use them
Plasters/band-aid no change
Ambulance bandage no change
Gauze no change
Arnica Gel no change
Steristrips no change
Elastic bandage no change
Micropore not taking any
Elastikon no change
Rock tape no taking any
Tweezers no change
Tick removing card no change
Scissors no change
Thermometer no change
Safety pins no change

Blanca Specific

I get bad gum infections regularly so I’m taking

  • Augmentin 1 gr
  • Metronidazole 250
  • Medicated mouth rinse

I can also get pains in my knees, leg and back and the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel and trigger finger. I will be doing preventative exercises and in addition, I  will have with me

  • Purpose made finger splints (daytime to ride with and nighttime to rest the ligament)
  • Wrist Splint for Carpal Tunnel
  • Maximum strength ibuprofen gel

Africa Specific

  • Mosquito repellent & mosquito net 
  • Doxycycline – Malaria Prophylaxis which I will take in areas of high risk
  • Mebendazole 500 – to de-worm me every 6 months


  • Washing line

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