Uganda Route

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Start Fnish Distance (Km) Notes
Ugandan Border Tororo 11 The road widens as you get to Uganda. Good tarmac and hard shoulder
Tororo Bugiri 57 Great road and excellent hard shoulder
Bugiri The Haven – Jinja 91 A day of up and down again. Good road and hardshoulder. The last few Km are in a gorgeous dirt road
The Haven – Jinja Kasaayi 64 Another day of up and down again on a fabulous new road until the junction where you join a good dirt road
Kasaayi Kampala 30 The dirt road continued and when you rejoin the tarmac road there is heavy traffic and ups and dows with substantial gradients once you get to Kampala
Kampala Jizza 34 Good tarmac – up and down continues
Jizza Kakungube 52 Good tarmac – up and down continues
Kakungube Mubende 57 Good tarmac – up and down continues
Mubende Kyegegwa 41 Good tarmac up and down continues
Kyegegwa Fort Portal 0 by bus
Fort Portal Kasese 75 Bad road surface but they're working on it. Ups and downs continued
Kasese Katunguru 40 Good Road until the Kazinga bridge then full of potholes
Katunguru Enjojo Lodge 74 Dirt Road through the forest  – beautiful – loads of elephant dung but didnt see any – remote but some trafic – didn't feel unsafe.
Enjojo Lodge Ruhija 0 Got a lift from Enjojo Lodge to Butogota and the tea truck to Ruhija. There is a big climb on  dirt road to  Ruhija. To get the tea truck you need to be at the gate of the Kayonza Grower's Tea Factory (GPS -0.867679 29.641171) by 11am. Between 11 and noon the empty trucks leave the factory. Ask which one goes via Ruhija. I paid 20000sh for me and the bike. Locals pay around 5000 but I was happy to pay mzungu price!
Ruhija Kabale 40 Beautiful ride through the forest on a dirt road – it climbs to start with and then it's mostly downhill . Then excellent tarmac all the way to Kabale with a fair amount of down hill.
Kabale Itambira Island 12 Dirt Road to the Rutinda Landing site. The road is in a bad condition and a sizeable section is extremely steep – pushing was in order! Then you go down a steep slope to the Landing. The Birds Nest just before the landing has free WiFi in the coffee shop.
Itambira Island Border 33 To start with a reverse of the previous trip. The road to the border is OK
Total Days Cycling Days Distance
Total Uganda 30 15 711