Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Komotini Xanthi 54
Xanthi Kavala 57
cycling days distance
Total Greece 2 111


Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Vama Veche Constanta 56
Constanta Mihai Viteazu 59.6
Mihai Viteazu Tulcea 70
Tulcea Sulina 75 70 by Catamaran
Sulina Periprava 40
Periprava Cocos Monastery 156 120 by Catamaran
Cocos Monastery Galati 60
Galati Pangarati 266 256 by train
Pangarati Poiana Largului 50
Poiana Largului Sihăstria Monastery 49
Sihăstria Monastery Gura Humorului 84
Gura Humorului Frumosa 52
Frumosa Sucevita 36
Sucevita Gura Humorului 55
Gura Humorului Sadova 43
Sadova Vatra Dornei 42
Vatra Dornei Piatra Fântânela 45
Piatra Fântânela Dej 63
Dej Cluj Napoca 62
Cluj Napoca Ludus 69
Ludus Pangani 63
Pangani Targu Mureş 25
Targu Mureş Sighişoara 54
Sighişoara Rupea 57
Rupea Brasov 63.8
Brasov Bran 27
Bran Sinaia 50
Sinaia Targoviste 63
Targoviste Bucharest 83
Bucharest Giurgiu 62
cycling days distance
Total Romania 31 1573

Cycling in Europe – Facts and Figures

Between the 8 July 2015 and the 20 of December of the same year (160 days) I cycled 6,500 Km (4039 miles) through 11 countries covering an average of 57 Km a day. The longest distance I cycled on a single day was 105 Km and the shortest 5 Km.

During that time I spent 3,600 euros. The average daily cost in Europe was 22.5 euros.

Eating out includes not only meals but any ready made refreshments like cakes, coffees and also those lovely beers and the end of the day whilst groceries includes buying ingredients to cook my own meals.

Communication covers the cost of SIM cards and postage to letters and parcels home and Transport are mainly ferries and a couple of train journeys. And in the accommodation heading I have included the costs of any thank you gifts I took to those that open the door of their home to me.

Nearly half of my money went on accommodation so I decided to look at that heading in a bit more detail.