Republic of Congo Route

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Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Border Pointe Noire 34 The asphalt is not bad and it is quite flat or down. The road is narrow and as you approach Pointe Noir is quite busy with lorries and local taxis.
Pointe Noire Bondi 47 Leaving town was busy. I took a road that went through a big market area – great but chaotic. The further away you get from town the quieter the road gets. Undulating on good tarmac
Bondi Les Saras 60 More undulations. Beautiful road in the forest in quite a lot of the sections
Les Saras Mvouti 36 The brand new rod continues with more up and downs. The forest surrounding the road is pretty wonderful
Mvouti Dolisie 38 10 km of climbing from Mvouti. Then up and down. Good road
Dolisie Milá Mila 64 The first 25 Km of gravel road are OK and with a downward tendency. Then it gets worse with some rideable sandy parts. Huge lorries carrying enormous trees cover you in dust.
Mila Mila Mabudou village 59 The quality of the road same as yesterday and the lorries still giving dust showers until Pont du Niari from where the road gets better and I only saw a couple of lorries.
Mabudou Village Nyanga 62 The gravel road is OK. Very little traffic and no lorries.
Nyanga Ngongo Border 48 The gravel road is OK. Very little traffic and no lorries.
Total days Cycling days Distance
Total Republic of Congo 12 9 448