Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Ayvalık Port Ayvalık 10
Ayvalık Burhaniye 32
Burhaniye Ivrindi 58
Ivrindi Balıkesir 37
Balıkesir Susurluk 44
Susurluk Istanbul 63 ferry not included
Istanbul Yalova 30
Yalova Cumhuriyet 40
Cumhu Iznik 40
Iznik Pamukova 50
Pamukova Haciyakup 42
Haciyakup Dedeler 42
Dedeler Nallihan 53
Nallihan Beypazari 61
Beypazari Ayaş 45
Ayaş Ankara 64
Ankara Yaglipinar 41
Yagli Kulu 76
Kulu Şereflikoçhisar 61
Şereflikoçhisar Aksaray 81
Aksaray Acigöl 54.5 taxi to Nevershir
Göreme Kayseri 71 taxi from Nevşehir
Kayseri Boğazliyan 80
Boğazliyan Sarikaya 38
Sarikaya Sorgun 43
Sorgun Çekerek 47.2
Çekerek Zile 53
Zile Amasya 96
Amasya Kavak 79
Kavak Irmaksirti 75
Irmaksirti Fatsa 86
Fatsa Ordu 43
Ordu Gülburnu 74
Gülburnu Trabzon 106
Trabzon Kiyicic 58
Kiyicic Işikli 75
Işikli Hopa 51
Hopa Batumi 38 8631
cycling days distance
Total Turkey 38 2140

Cycling in Turkey – facts and figures

Between the 20 December 2017 and the 13 of February 2018 (56 days) I cycled 2,102 Km (1,306 miles)  in Turkey covering an average of 57 Km a day. The longest distance I cycled on a single day was 106 Km and the shortest 10 Km.

During that time I spent 943 euros. The average daily cost in Turkey was 16.83 euros.

Eating out includes not only meals but any ready made refreshments like cakes whilst groceries includes the cost of ingredients to cook my own meals.

Communication covers the cost of SIM cards and postage to letters and parcels home and Transport are mainly ferries to and from Istanbul. The accommodation heading includes the costs of any thank you gifts I took to those that open the door of their home to me.

Nearly half of my money went on accommodation so I decided to look at that heading in a bit more detail.