Angola Route

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Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Border Near Ondjiva 32 Excellent tarred road. Flat
Near Ondjiva Near Mongua 58 Excellent tarred road. Flat
Near Mongua Xangongo 57 Excellent tarred road. Flat
Xangongo Cahama 97 The good EU built road continues
Cahama Chibemba 66 The good EU built road continues
Chibemba Chibia 87 The good EU built road continues a bit hillier but the gradients are very gentle
Chibia Lubango 45 The good EU built road continues a bit hillier but the gradients are very gentle
Lubango Viemba 71 The good EU built road continues a bit hillier but the gradients are very gentle
Viemba Quilengues 74 Good road. Up and down to Caculo. Then down until you cross the river Tunda and then up and down. Stop at the Vikuku Churrasqueria (in iOverlander) tasty cheap soup.
Quilengues Chongoroi 64 Beautiful ride – baobabs and small settlements everywhere. Good road surface for bikes (some huge potholes but no problem for us). Ups and downs but again gentle gradients.
Chongoroi Catanga 68 Another beautiful ride with thousands of baobabs
Catanga Benguela 82 Approx 16 km of climbing amongst beautiful environment. Then downward trend with some undulations. Once you leave the mountains it gets hotter.
Benguela Lobito 35 Double carriageway. Quite busy. Pretty flat
Lobito Canjala 86 Steep climbs from Lobito and very busy – after a while it gets quieter. Then roadworks but the let me cycle on the  'new' Road. Up and down all day
Canjala Sumbe 95 The up and down continues. Works in some sections of the road but they let me use the road
Sumbe Binga Waterfall 50 Works in some sections to the junction. Lots of lorries
Binga Waterfall Porto Amboim 54 Got a lift to the junction. No more roadworks. Undulations
Porto Amboim Longa 72 Good road. Quite flat compared to previous days
Longa Cabo Ledo 74 Good Road. Some diversions but they let me stay on the main road
Cabo Ledo Luanda 0 Got a lift. The traffic gets busier as you approach Luanda. Worth stopping at the Miradouro da Lua.
Luanda Barra de Dande 27 Got a lift out of Luanda to Sassalemba. From there the road is OK and not too busy. Some big potholes but ok on the bike.
Barra de Dande EN100 85 The road has quite a few potholes until a village called Libongo 17 km from Barra de Dande. From then on there is a brand new road with a nice hard shoulder. After Libongo the road follows a pattern: it goes down to a river – crosses a bridge and up the other side. Repeat again and again
EN100 Musserra 52 The pattern continues and also does the good road. Tse tse flies so cover up
Musserra Praia  kissamba 32 The pattern continues but the ups and downs are  gentler. Good road. Less tse tse flies than yesterday but still vicious. Dirt road to the resort
Praia  kissamba Quinzau 75 Double carriageway from Nzeto with big shoulder. No traffic.
Quinzau Soyo 99 Good road until you get near Soyo the last 20 or 30 km is a bad road with a lot of trafic
Soyo Cabinda 0 Flight from Soyo
Cabinda Landana 49 An up and down road. Some of the ups are steep. Good tarmac
Landana Border 51 The road has a few short bad sections soon after leaving Landana. After that is OK. The up and down pattern continues but the gradients are gentle.
Total days Cycling days Distance
Total Angola 47 27 1737