Water & hydration

IMG_0550I don’t want to leave behind me a trail of plastic bottle. That was my philosophy all along but having seen the amount of plastic by the side of the road everywhere I am even more determined than before. However I want to be able to have as much drinking water as I need to so filters are the way forward for me.

London to Far East Asia 2015 to 2017 Africa 2018 Notes
Sawyer SP128 Blue Mini Filter No changes I used this from January 2017. It worked brilliantly for me
750 ml Drinksafe with filter No changes This was a gift from some friends that had tested it extensively in India and never had a problem. After 2 years of use I can strongly recommend it. I didn't get the dreaded diarrhoea once. It is a brilliant piece of kit
Drinksafe spare filters each light filter will clean 1600 litre of water: AMAZING!
Drinksafe tap adaptor No changes It didn't quite work for me first time round but is light so giving it another go
1lt aluminum Sigg bottle Changing it for 1.5 litres
2 x 1 litre Platypus No changes
6 litre Platypus water tank No changes
1 box of chlorine tablets No changes I used them to wash salad leaves. It was great to eat salad anytime I wanted without worry of contamination

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  1. This is really helpful – I haven’t got this sorted yet, but was erring towards the MSR mini works filter – far more expensive and doesn’t look as well tested as this product. Thanks.

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