Water & hydration

IMG_0550Reducing the amount of waste I leave behind and at the same time having an endless supply of clean drinking water is a must. I  looked into filter systems without being able to make up my mind.  In the end some friends gave me the perfect gift (thanks Andy and Libby) a bottle with its own filter made by Drinksafe, They tested it extensively in the field in India and never had a problem . It is a brilliant piece of kit,  each light filter will clean 1600lt of water: AMAZING!   I contacted   Drinksafe and they sent me a tap adaptor with which I will be able to fill all my water bottles with clean drinking water.

On the bike

  • 1lt aluminum Sigg bottle
  • 750 ml

Off the bike

  • 750 ml Drinksafe bottle with filter
  • 2 x 1st Platypus bottles
  • 6lt Platypus water tank
  • Drinksafe tap adaptor
  • Drinksafe spare filter
  • 1 box of chlorine tablets (just in case)



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  1. This is really helpful – I haven’t got this sorted yet, but was erring towards the MSR mini works filter – far more expensive and doesn’t look as well tested as this product. Thanks.

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