Start Finish Distance (Km) Notes
Agarak Jolfa 66
Jolfa Marand 66
Marand Soufian 34
Soufian Tabriz 30
Tabriz Bostan Abad 65
Bostan Abad Miyaneh 111
Miyaneh TIR place red crescent 67
TIR place red crescent Zanjas 36
Zanjas Saeen Qale 67
Saeen Qale Nr Qerveh 45
Nr Qerveh Qazvin 81
Qazvin Hashtgerd 15 raining Warmshowers host lift
Hashtgerd Tehran 81
Tehran Isfahan 0 by bus
Isfahan Gishi 100
Gishi Varzaneh 31
Varzaneh Khargushi 73
Kargushi Nadushan 30
Nadushan Yasd 93
Yasd Shiraz 0 by bus
Shiraz Tehran 0 by bus
Tehran Tashkent 0 by plane
cycling days distance
Total Iran 18 1091

Cycling in Iran – facts and figures

Between the 14 March 2016 and the 02 of May 2016 (50 days) I cycled 1,091 Km (678 miles) in Iran covering an average of 60 Km a day. The longest distance I cycled on a single day was 111 Km and the shortest 15 Km.

In Iran I injured my knee which took me off the bike for a fair amount of time. I saw a lot of the country by bus.

During that time I spent 564 euros. The average daily cost in Iran was 11.28 euros.

Eating out includes not only meals but any ready made refreshments like cakes whilst groceries includes buying ingredients to cook my own meals. Included in the accommodation costs are any gifts I took to say thank you to those that open their doors to me.

Communication covers the cost of SIM cards and postage to letters home and Transport are mainly buses from one city to another and underground costs in Tehran.

The visa costs include the Letter of Invitation provided by Stantours and the extension of the visa once in the country.

People’s generosity in the country was incredible and their hospitality unrivalled. A fair number of people, some of which my friends now, opened the doors of their home to me, I have put them all under the category of friends.