Today is the day!!!!!




See you on the way back!

Farewells completed, house handed over to my daughter Amaya and her partner John, bike packed, ferry booked. All that remains is to start pedalling: day one of many.

What am I feeling?

I am excited, slightly apprehensive, sad in the knowledge that I will be away from the people I love, thrilled to be doing something I really want to do, moved by the support and generosity of so many people. And much, much more that can´t be put into words.

Today’s plan is to cycle over to my bike shop, say goodby to Paul and team and meet my friend Jackie who is going to cycle some of the way to Harwich with me. At the end of the day, my intention is to settle in the ferry with a glass of Rioja, or two, before retiring to my cabin for a good night sleep (I hope!)…

14 thoughts on “Today is the day!!!!!”

  1. All the very best to you. I expect there will be a few tears involved but that is to be expected. The enormity of what you are doing will hit you like a sledge hammer at some point but ride through it, it doesn’t last even though it can be frightening. I am looking forward to following your adventure. Good luck. Cheers, Tony

  2. Good luck, Blanca. The experience of a lifetime awaits. I hope you have a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to read your travel updates.

  3. Wishing you the very best of luck and a strong tailwind. Did you get your insurance sorted? I work for Trailfinders, you spoke to one of my colleagues who told me about your exciting adventure. Looking forward to following your blog x.

  4. Have a great time Blanca. So sad not be be with you at the beginning of your adventure. You’ll be in my thoughts and I’m with you in spirit.

    Debbie x

  5. Ya estás viviéndolo, ya es real. Disfruta!!!!!
    A nosotros no nos queda más remedio que seguirte y apoyarte desde aquí .

    Esperaremos las noticias todos los días. Cuéntalo todo, por favor!


  6. Hi Bianca – I wish you freedom of spirit, joy in your encounters and strength and courage as you learn about yourself , face your fears and push your limitations. It will be an adventure – none of what is experienced can be predicted. But you will live for the day – which is what we all should try and do as we follow you on this blog. Take great care. Love Elaine

  7. Good luck To you Blanca.
    I’ll be following your adventure with admiration and envy. May the sun shine and the wind be on your back!

  8. Por fin llegó el día!!!! ahora empieza la verdadera aventura, a la que empieces a rodar, será un no parar de experiencias. Lo queremos saber todo!
    Un beso y Aúpa Blanca!!!!

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