The Farewell Party has come and gone and I’m nearly ready!!!

Sign of a good party the night before!!
In full flow!

Last Saturday I had the chance to say farewell to may of my friends. It was pretty wonderful to see so many of the people that matter to me gathered in my house. Friends that I hadn’t seen for a while and friends that go back a long way.

Great people,  loads to eat and plenty of beverages are the perfect ingredients for a great party and I did enjoy myself enormously.

The first port of call on entry to the house had to be admiring the bike! She looked absolutely gorgeous, all dressed up with her panniers…I think I’m in love!!

The evening spilled over to brunch the following day. A perfect chance to test IMG_4990my selfie stick (yes, I am taking one – no shame I know!!)

Other than having a serious bout of butterflies in my stomach I’m nearly ready. Well nearly…the travel insurance bit is proving a bit tricky but it will get done.

7 thoughts on “The Farewell Party has come and gone and I’m nearly ready!!!”

  1. Thank you for a lovely lovely party that extended to brunch. What fantastic people you have as friends. I remember you told me a Spanish proverb once about you can judge a person by who they keep around them. Need I say more!

  2. Blanca dearest we had a wonderful evening followed by a great brunch with you and your lovely friends and family. Thank you so much. I’ll miss you whilst on your travels but look forward to reading your blog and who knows I may even join you somewhere!! Much love Kxx

  3. The party looks like it was great – so wished I could have been there! Much love ( which doesn’t weigh much so it won’t slow you down) travels with you on this amazing adventure. Xxx

  4. Been thinking about you all day and telling everyone about my truly amazing friend taking the world into her heart. I hope you slept well last night and work up free from all that planning and ready to cycle into a new chapter full of wonders. So ‘now what’ lol. Just keep laughing when those moment happen and remember later that early morning when we prepared for an epic March over the valley only to find camp round the corner. Lots of hugs x x x

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