9 countries and 3,666 Km on the road, did I bring the right gear?

I can’t believe I’ve already cycled that distance since I left London on the 8 of July.  It’s amazing how much distance you can cover on a bike without realising it.

A few of you have asked me about the kit so this post focuses on that.  You may need to refer to the gear section of the site for details. I’ll write another Post about my time in Serbia soon. 

Let’s start with the bike.  Paul from Harry Perry Cycles in Woolwich did an absolutely am job. The bike is just perfect and I love it. The one thing I would add to it is a dynamo hub to be able to  charge my devices on the go. At the beginning of the trip,  in part,  I  spent a fair bit of time in campsite toilets next to power socket!

I’ve only have had a problem with the bike was:  the freewheel went just before Vienna.  The consensus of the mechanics that repaired it was that the component was faulty in the first place.  Unfortunately I left the faulty piece with them so no chance to call in the guarantee. I had a job finding a replacement so I’m having some spares sent from England.

The racks and panniers are fantastic as you would expect from such reputable brands as Tubus and Ortlieb and the Click Stand  is bearing well but the rubber foot I got to go with it didn’t last long,  I’m just wondering whether walking poles rubber ends would do a better job. 

The tent is good too,  really easy to put up and roomy inside.  I’m glad I bought the footprint for extra protection.  I’m also glad I brought two mattresses,  the Z-lite gives me extra insulation  whilst the inflatable Thermarest hives me comfort.  It would have been better to have a full length one instead of 3/4 but I wanted to make use of as much of the gear I already had.

I’m delighted  with the MSR Dragonfly and the rest of the cooking equipment.  Bringing a good small sharp knife in  addition  to the penknife was a good decision and I’m reluctant to let go of the things I haven’t used yet like the sweetish  fire steel and the kitchen sink.

I spent hours making a tarp which went home in the first parcel did the heavy lock –  now I just use a thick wire with a small u lock.

As for the electronic gadgets,  the Samsung tablet is great,  I would be lost without it.  My iPhone doubles up as my GPS and the camera is great and alt I’m not using the filters much,  I decided to keep them for now as I’m determined to learn a bit more about photography.

The amount of clothes felt just right in the summer although if I’d been ruthless I could have done with one less t-shirt and long trousers.  My friend Carol has brought me the winter stuff.  I hate being cold,  it makes me feel really low  and I  may have too much,  see how it goes.

I that pretty much it.  If anyone wants to know anything specific about anything just ask. 

6 thoughts on “9 countries and 3,666 Km on the road, did I bring the right gear?”

  1. Very useful – thanks. I’ve got most of my gear already – and tested it out back in the summer (which seems so long ago now!). I HAVE been contemplating getting a click stand and I won’t bother with the rubber foot after reading this. You didn’t say what sort of tent you’ve got? I have a two man Terra Nova Lazer (IIRC) and an Exped Mattress – which has a layer of down inside for insulation.
    Wow – I’m up to date with your adventures! Took me a lot less time to read than it did for you to cycle over 3,666km! Wishing you blue skies!

    1. The tent is a Vaude Hogan SUL. As for the foot for the click stand try using the walking poles covers., they look more robust that the ones from click stand

  2. Thanks for the kit update – glad most of it is working out. Ditch the fire stick – you’ll never get it to work properly. Just buy a couple of disposable lighters instead!

    Keep up the blogs -it is lovely hearing from you.

    Steven x

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